Your Personal Property Management Source


Westhaven Property Management is your go to source for all your commercial and residential property management needs. As your personal property manager we will:

  • Work closely with you to ensure your goals are achieved

  • Ensure all aspects and day-to-day operations are well taken care of

  • Establish and/or increase your capital and rental income

  • Save you time and money by being one source for all your property needs

Experience The Westhaven Difference

Our Areas Of Expertise

Westhaven Property Management specializes in and provides the following property management services on behalf of property owners:


Tenant Relation Services

Westhaven Property Management provides full-service tenant relations on behalf of property owners. Get peace of mind. We will handle your tenant affairs. We will select your tenants, ensure your properties or units are occupied, process rent payments and if need be, handle legal matters on your behalf.

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Construction & Renovation Services

Westhaven Property Management's in-house construction and renovation team offers full-spectrum services dedicated to making your property profitable, safe and a pleasant experience.

Our internal construction and renovation resources enable us to be one source for all your needs, providing you with immediate service and cost savings.

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Maintenance & Repairs

Westhaven Property Management's in-house maintenance and repair team offers a full spectrum of services dedicated to making your property a safe and pleasant experience.

Our internal maintenance and repairs team enables us to provide you and your tenants with immediate service and cost savings.

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Financial Processing Services

Westhaven Property Management will not only help you increase your investment capital and rental income. We will keep you up-to-date with your property finances, ensuring you are aware of what's coming in and out.

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