Your Personal Property Management Source

Westhaven Property Management is your go to source for all your commercial and residential property management needs. As your personal property managers we will:

  • Work closely with you to ensure your goals
    are achieved

  • Ensure all aspects and day-to-day operations
    are well taken care of

  • Establish and/or increase your capital and
    rental income

  • Save you time and money by being one source
    for all your property needs

Experience The Westhaven Difference.

Full-Service Tenant Relations

Westhaven Property Management provides full-service tenant relations on behalf of property owners. Get peace
of mind. We will handle your tenant affairs:

  • We know what good tenants look like

  • We know how to keep your units rented

  • We will collect and process rent payments
    directly into your accounts

  • We will handle all tenant concerns and legal
    matters on your behalf

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One Source For All Your Needs

Westhaven Property Management has the internal
capacity and resources that enable quick turn around
and affordable services.

Construction, Maintenance & Repairs

  • Civil work including: electrical, plumbing, flooring,
    dry walling and painting

  • Concrete infrastructure: asphalting, curbs and
    speed bumps

  • Seasonal maintenance: landscaping and
    snow plowing

  • Cleaning services including: power wash, scrub, drainage and waste management

Financial Services & Bill Payments

  • In-house Level-1 (highest level) Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance for credit card and cash processing

  • We will ensure your rent payments are collected and transfered directly into your account

  • We will keep track of and pay your maintenance and amenity bills

Legal Services

  • Tenant-property owner disputes

  • In-house lawyers and paralegals

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Experience The Westhaven Difference


The Weshaven Difference is a result of personalization. It is an all-encompassing approach that allows us to provide the highest level of service, making your journey smooth and simple. The Westhaven team is a youthful, innovative and tech-savy group of individuals who are reliable and readily available to service your needs. They pride themselves on integrity, providing personalized, professional and quality service.

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