Full-Service Tenant Relations

Westhaven Property Management provides full-service tenant relations for commercial and residential properties on behalf of owners. Let us rent it and collect it on your behalf for peace of mind. Full-service tenant relations include, however are not limited
to the following:


Tenant Selection

Westhaven Property Management not only knows a good tenant when we see
one, however we oblige all tenants to meet strict criteria and qualify with a certain prospective tenant score.

Commercial tenant selections and residential tenant selections abide by exclusive tenant selection procedures. Our tenant selection process for both has proven to
be successful.


High Occupancy Rates

Westhaven Property Management knows how to keep your units rented.

In addition to our reputation for managing well-maintained and safe spaces, we have in-house marketing professionals who focus on the fact that 92% of today's rental shopping begins online. Our focus on digital marketing has made Westhaven Rentals
a top choice in the Toronto area.


Tenant Relations & Legal Affairs

Let us handle your tenant questions and concerns. Westhaven Property Management
is a team of licensed professionals certified to manage tenant relations.

If you find yourself in a legal conflict with a tenant, our  in-house legal counsel and paralegals will act on your behalf.  

Get peace of mind. We got you covered.


Rent Payment Collection & Financial Reporting

Protect your rental income with Westhaven Property Management's bank security standard, Level-1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, accrediting us to securely process your investment income.

We will ensure your income is securely collected and deposited into your accounts, while also providing you with detailed monthly financial reports to prepare you for
tax season.